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    This is making it illegal for union dues to be deducted from a payroll check.We have to defeat this as a matter of principle under the first amendment of the constitution and for people to choose what is done with their own paycheck.Call and vote NO!

    Affordable Care Act

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    Judge Neil Gorsuch Fact Sheet

    Rural voters lose in Trump’s budget plan

    Great statistical look at what the GOP-ACA plan 


    <> on March 7, 2017 in Washington, DC.

    Low-Income Families Would Have To Give Up

    A Lot More Than iPhones To Pay For Health Care
    The Huffington Post

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was widely mocked on Tuesday after suggesting that Americans who struggle to afford health care should sacrifice “getting that new iPhone” and instead choose to “invest in health care.” … Read the full story

    WC Democrats Demand
    Congressman Thornberry Hold Town Hall



    Press Release

    Please find attached a press release on the lack of town halls by our Congressman Mac Thornberry during this current recess.  The Chairman of the Wichita County Democratic Party is quoted in the press release and feels that this is an important topic for all of the people he represents.  For the record, this is not a partisan attack but a plea to to interact by those he serves. 

    For those interested in trying to get
    Mac Thornberry to meet with us:

    Facebook: #townhallforall
    Twitter: @MacThornberry


    Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks: The best of times…


    Data-Driven’ Campaigns Are Killing the Democratic Party


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    Call for Texas Silver-Haired Legislature

    Speaker Walter Graham announces the call for election of members to the 17th TSHL for 2017-2019 term. Any older Texan, age 60 and over, may file for election provided they are a registered voter living in one of the 123 areas or districts they wish to represent. (Wichita County, presently, has no representation.) http://txshl.org  


    1. To motivate older citizens to realize that legislative involvement is a primary responsibility of effective citizenship.
    2. To help older Texans know that if they are to become a viable political force, they must become informed and knowledgeable about the issues facing our community, state and nation.
    3. To develop a forum for older persons to discuss and debate issues concerning not only their own welfare, but also that of others.
    4. To educate the Silver-Haired Legislators in their advocacy role in order that they may continue their involvement in legislative matters in their local community.
    5. To provide a model legislative body in which the Silver-Haired Legislators will have the opportunity to introduce, discuss, and pass resolutions dealing with major concerns of our state.
    6. To work for the passage in the regular Texas Legislature of resolutions adopted by the TSHL, especially those that were prioritized.

    Read About the Call for Additional Members 


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