vote2 TO VOTE! is a get out the vote program. We want everyone who registers below to contact two friends that you can remind to get out the vote in November, who in turn remind two of their friends, and so on. Yes, this is similar to what is known as a “pyramid club.” The difference is that this process will stimulate democrats in Wichita County to get out the vote.

If each person who signs up contacts two of his/her friends, relatives, co-workers and millennials to ask them to sign up, we may be able to TURN TEXAS BLUE! We need your help.

Have your two friends go to wichitacountydemocrats.org/2-to-vote/  and fill out the form. Ask each person who is willing to participate to contact their 2 people a few times before the November election to remind them of their commitment, and to invite them to some social  activities planned by Headquarters (Happy Hours, Hot Dog get together, etc.)

Fill in the form below, and submit. You will receive 2 emails.The first one should be immediately sent to you. The second will be sent to you after your data is gathered. The email will give you the simple directions, but important, to explain the role in the 2 TO VOTE! process.

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