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PLANNED PARENTHOOD = More Republican Deceit and Lies

The Republicans want to “defund” Planned Parenthood. That’s interesting, because they don’t fund it now and never have funded it.

Planned Parenthood is funded by private donations and local fundraising events held on its behalf, not by the Federal Government, not by the state government, not by the county government or by any municipal government. You, the taxpayer, do not pay any money to fund Planned Parenthood. If your politicians say that you do, that’s a lie.

What does come from the government is the cost of providing such services as breast cancer screening for women who can’t otherwise afford it, which comes in the form of a reimbursement, not pre-need funding. Since “Obamacare” was passed, more taxpayers with moderate incomes now have health insurance and can pay these charges with their own insurance. Thank God. This has taken a big weight off the taxpayers.

Breast Cancer screenings conducted by Planned Parenthood save many women’s lives every day!!! They are an enormous bargain, too, because the sooner Breast Cancer is detected, the more likely it is to be arrested, and the less money that the treatment costs. Breast Cancer is an ugly way to die.

As the number of Breast Cancer screenings performed by Planned Parenthood has declined slightly, another problem has arisen. Parents who refuse to give their children adequate sex education have triggered a large rise in the number of unexpected teenage pregnancies. Planned Parenthood is working on this problem, along with many other social service agencies, by conducting real world sex education and explaining to young people how to avoid unexpected teenage pregnancies and the enormous responsibility of becoming a parent and the burden of becoming a parent before the age of 18.

Planned Parenthood has also been responsible for an enormous reduction in the number of teenage children who have been maimed and slaughtered by back alley abortionists. Our police couldn’t stop them, or even slow down their increasing numbers, but Planned Parenthood has been key to reducing the number of female children killed and injured by untrained abortion providers. The Republicans want to return to the days of this bloody butchering of our children. We, the Democrats, are appalled by this unnecessary tragedy to American families.

Nobody WANTS abortions. But in a real world situation, history has proven that they will take place, that they have taken place for thousands of years, and we only want to control the method so that our children have safe medical treatment for an unwanted procedure that they will get one way or the other, even if it costs them their lives, which it doesn’t have to. Abortions are not a good solution for unexpected teenage pregnancies. Sex Education and simple birth control procedures are the best possible prevention. Make sure your children have a good working knowledge of how to avoid unexpected pregnancies at an early age, and the tools. A well informed child is less likely to become a victim. If parents made an effort to prepare their children for the inevitable, abortions would become a thing of the past. We want that. Planned Parenthood wants that.

The primary mission of Planned Parenthood is that more children are born to parents who are prepared to become parents, because every child should be wanted and cherished and have a good chance of succeeding in life.



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