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Jobs and wages are an area where Democrats and Republicans have some major differences. Let’s look at some of them.

CHILD LABOR. Democrats uniformly oppose child labor. Only Republicans want child labor laws repealed.

In the past, we saw that children in the workplace lack the experience to avoid accidents, injuries and death. In the past, we saw that employers, given the opportunity, will place children in unsafe working environments and expose them to toxic chemicals and slave labor working conditions. We strongly oppose giving 14 year old children black lung disease and 14 hour shifts. We think children should be in school.

Children have development issues. Their brains don’t finish developing until they are beyond their teenage years. For this reason, they don’t make good decisions, and require extra protection and careful supervision, which industry has proven time after time that they are unwilling to provide.

Recently, Republicans have pushed laws that would not only allow kids as young as 12 to get jobs, but would also allow employers to pay children less than the minimum wage. We, the Democrats, find that … scary. Don’t you?

MINIMUM WAGE. A person working for minimum wage can’t meet their family’s basic human needs. Therefore, their healthcare, food, housing, child care and transportation needs to be funded by those of us who are making above poverty wages. This costs us billions of dollars a year. If we required employers to pay a liveable wage to those workers, we wouldn’t have to also pay them welfare. People who work for a living shouldn’t need to have to collect welfare in order to feed their children. We can’t understand how anyone who calls themselves “conservative” would favor paying our workers welfare.


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