Indivisible Accounts:


Facebook: Indivisible Wichita Falls

Twitter: @indivisible_wf

Instagram: @indivisible_wf


General Information:


At the first meeting of the Indivisible Wichita Falls meeting. held Monday, February 20th at Wichita County Democratic Headquarters, leaders of various committees were sought and those that volunteered are as follows;

Overall group coordination (1-2 people): Leader: LeeAnn Andrews
Responsible for scheduling group meetings, coordinating communication within your group, and leading the group in planning and strategy for local, defensive congressional action. 

Media/social media (1 person): Leader: Catie Robinson
Responsible for coordinating your group’s outreach to the media and presence on social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook).

News monitoring (1 person): Leader:
Responsible for tracking news about your Members of Congress and any major Congressional issues/decisions.

Congressional office tracking (1-2 people): Leader:
Responsible for tracking your Member of Congress’ schedule, events, and upcoming votes. This will be essential to scheduling your group’s visits to your Member of Congress’ office, attendance at town hall events, etc. 

Tech and Inclusion help (1-2 people): Leader:
If there are members of your group who may need extra help with internal communications like Facebook invites or emails, appoint a helpful person to make sure they’re in the loop. 

Committees need helpers. Fill in Contact Form below to indicate which committee(s) you are willing to support with your time & energy. 


If you would like to help out with Indivisible, check areas of interest.


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