July 2016


Texas Voter ID Ruling: Details Discussed

The appeals court affirmed Gonzales Ramos’s finding that the law’s drafters were aware that it would make it harder for minorities to vote, but they nonetheless rejected a slew of measures that would have softened its impact, largely refusing to explain why.

Nelva Gonzales Ramos is a district judge on the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.


Congratulations to Tom Bursey on his appointment to School Board for District 5

Click to view his swearing in.

Reports are in on Hillary’s emails and on Benghazi issues. Thanks to the Republican party for keeping these issues in the forefront of the news. 

It is now time for Democrats to move forward and keep our eyes, ears, time and stamina on the main issue – keeping the Whitehouse a democratic house and to do the same with the Congress.

Let’s get busy!

Explanation of Some Issues at State Convention

gilberto I too was disappointed in how the venue worked out.  It was too big and very difficult to get from location to location.  We got this venue because we expected up to 10,000 or more delegates and guests, and, more importantly, it was the only venue in San Antonio that could accommodate our need for rooms for the numerous caucus meetings that would be held on Friday.  In any event, we needed to figure the logistics of that venue better.
Secondly, the Disability access turned out to be a big problem.  Given that the Alamodome was a sport’s venue, we figured that that issue was taken care of by the design that was in place.  Again, we were wrong.
The lack of close captions was one issue that we had not thought of given the fact that we had someone signing and we believed that the sound system would provide those with disabilities in hearing the necessary volume of sound so that they could hear what was going on.  As you know I have a hearing disability, (pretty severe) and in the convention I was able to hear everything without my hearing aide.  In any event we will take care of this problem next time.
I am pretty pissed off about the food issue.  We were promised enough vendors to feed the thousands that we anticipated would be at the convention and they utterly failed to deliver.  I am not sure what to tell you there other than at the next convention we will get guarantees that this will not happen.
I am not sure what happened on the parking.  I need to talk to Crystal; but I assume that the cost of the Alamodome to the Party was based upon their ability to charge for parking.  We had a budget and we could only meet the budget by negotiating a price that fit within the budget.
The same for the transportation to and from hotels.  We paid for some transportation from the hotels; we simply did not have the resources to pay a company to be on standby to take people back.  We got no help from the City on this issue.
Be assured that we will work to make sure that we minimize these problems at our next convention in Fort Worth.
Thank you for all you do for our Party.
Gilberto Hinojosa
Chair of the Texas Democratic Party

IMG_1666Changes To TRS-Care Adopted by TRS Board of Trustees; Benefit Reductions in Store for TRS-Care

Here is another definition of insanity.  Insanity is, when you keep on voting the way you have been voting and expect a different result.  Writing letters to the people teachers voted for and helped elect and asking them not to destroy teachers and schools the way they have in the past is a waste of time.  If teachers want change, they will have to work and elect people who care about teachers and schools.  When a candidate is running for office and tells teachers he will do nothing to help them, believe him and expect things to be even worse.


Will Clinton (and Trump) Turn Texas Blue?


What to Expect: The National Conventions and Beyond
(from Channel 3, Texhoma’s Homepage)

Watch a video of both Republican and Democratic response to Channel 3’s questions concerning the upcoming election.

“Wichita County Democratic Party Chairman John Richie, on the other hand, said the fact that Donald Trump has even made it this far is an embarrassment.”

IMG_1666How to fix Texas’ outdated voter registration system by Bruce Elfant

While Texans are able to conduct a wide variety of online transactions that require sensitive personal and financial information, including renewing drivers’ licenses and paying property taxes, we are among a dwindling minority of states that prohibit their citizens from being able to register to vote online.

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