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June 2, 2016

Re: Meeting Discussion from Tuesday May 31, 2016


A very constructive meeting was held at Democratic Headquarters this past Tuesday. We had a lively discussion and provided answers to some lingering questions that were on the minds of those in attendance.

Some strategies conversations were had on some of the issues that have plagued us in the past are not repeated. The Chairman provided answers to how the VAN was being used and some updates that have been done in relation to the VAN. Further conversation was held about the perceived thought that we are shutting down during the summer. Nothing could be further than the truth to those rumors as we have many things to do get ready for the fall election cycle. The summer will be used for planning and strategizing on how to get our vote out, the implementation of the LIFT project and social activities here and around the community. Further, the lease sign out front of our building is so our landlord John Hirschi can rent the other 2 spaces in the building we are in. It does not mean we are out or moving out.

Conversations were also had in relation to the possible by-laws changes that the Wichita County Democratic Association are working through.   The Chairwoman of that committee says she has a vision of how those should be structured and has visited with the President of the WCDA. A committee meeting of that group will be taking place in the next couple of weeks. The WCDA and the Texas Democratic Women groups play key parts to our success as a party and that was conveyed to individuals present.

There was a conversation on recruitment of candidates. It has been very hard in the past cycles to find candidates to run but we have been able to find some. The thought process of running Democrats in every spot on the ballot was discussed. The Chairman was candid in the efforts used this election cycle and past election cycles to recruit candidates and the struggles of finding individuals to step up and run. Winning breeds more involvement and more opportunities to attract candidates that share our forward thinking mainstream values. The LIFT program was well received at both the WCDA meeting in May and on this past Tuesday and provides a route to finding and maintaining a working list of committed candidates.

All in all it was a positive meeting with many good ideas and we will be working toward those ends. The Party cannot do it alone and now is the time to come together. Resources are not always fiscal but physical and we are need of both. Feel free to become a sustaining member so we may provide the resources to our candidates now and into the future and become a volunteer to work.


Wichita County Democratic Party

John Richie-Chairman

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