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Attention Events Committee:

Hello all, hopefully you received the email that summarized last night’s meeting. I just wanted to get with you all and give you some details. The events committee will be in charge of helping organize any marches, town halls, picketing, or other events we have. If one person wants to step up to be the leader of the committee that would be really helpful. The leader will be in charge of getting in touch with the press/answering their questions, and also coordinating with the other organizations so we are all on the same page. I’m on the events committee for the WCDA so we can coordinate with each other. There are a couple of people who signed up who are not on Facebook so I will be emailing this message to them. For now, if all of you can plan to attend the meeting on Friday evening to plan the Trans march/rally and the meeting on Monday to plan the picketing that would be great.



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