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The term point of view (POV) refers to who is telling the story, or who is narrating. The narrator of a story can appear in three main ways: first person (I), second person (you), and third person (he/she).

This section of the website will be the writing of editor, Marvin Belcha, (more on Martin at the bottom of this page.) Thus the POV of this section of the WCDP will be written in the first person.


Topics are located in the pull down menu, under POV. They include Taxes, Equal Rights, Abortion, Economy and Jobs, ObamaCare, Clean Air, Education, and others. Marvin will share his ideas on these various the topics mentioned as well as others that might be of interest. Use the Reply section at the bottom of this page..


Martin Belcha, new to Wichita Falls and newly appointed editor of this website, has been  a writer, editor, civil rights advocate, business communications specialist, former copy editor, editor, publisher, had a small pre-press graphics shop for several years.


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