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The TDW (Texas Democratic Women of Wichita Area) is the main organization for Democrats Woman in Wichita County. The TDW meets once a month, the meeting features lunch and guest speakers on a range of topics important to the local Democratic community. All are welcome to attend meetings. If you have questions or would like us to contact you, please fill out the form below to stay connected.


Meets: Second Monday of the month at 11:30
Place: Luby’s Cafeteria (1801 9th St Wichita Falls, TX)


President: BJ Amos
Vice President: Lou Lechman
Secretary: Natalie Cole
Treasurer: Terry Gilleland
Greeter: Amy Lauck

(If you are interested in sharing your time and energy on this board during the next 2 years, please let us know ( . Nominating committee will contact you.)


Mission Statement of TDW

Texas Democratic Women was organized in 1987 as one response to the growing political interest expressed by mainstream women from across the state.  TDW promotes the increased political activity and influence of Democratic women in Texas politics and government. TDW provides statewide training conferences and workshops.  In addition, the group serves as a communication network for existing Democratic women’s organizations and promotes the formation of new groups.

There are many organized groups which represent certain segments of women Democrats in Texas. Some are tied to a particular city or county in the state; others reflect particular issue agendas or ethnic groups. Some groups attract women in a specific age category or occupation.  Of course, there are professional and career women in our party, but there are also many women who work in the home or are retired. None of these organizations currently represent the broad range of women in our Party.  Texas Democratic Women works to unite this wonderful diversity of devoted women behind one common goal – the support of our Party and the involvement of women in the political process.


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